Voicemail on steroids-Phonetag


Do you ever have the problem where you get a voicemail in a setting that makes it impossible to respond immediately? You know the situation. You’re in the marathon quarterly marketing meeting for 6 hours with no breaks, and to put the phone to your ear would be frowned upon.


What to do? Get Phonetag. What Phonetag does is take those pesky audio based voicemails and transcribe them into text that gets emailed to you. You can hold the phone below the table and read your voicemail and then respond via email!


The phonetag email also has an attached wav file that you can listen to later. Man that sounds cool, but cool means expensive right? Wrong. Phonetag is only $30/month. This tool saves a huge amount of time and you’ll get the $30 back the first week of every month. Happy voicemailing.


Here’s a link with a free 30 day offer.