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H&D Tech Helps businesses with Small IT Teams To:

Lower Risk of Turnover

Having just 1 IT person is putting all your companies’ eggs in one basket. If that employee leaves, all that institutional knowledge goes right out the door with them. Now you’re stuck holding the bag and not sure how to hire somebody.

Labtech System Monitoring

Like the idea of enterprise level monitoring without having to fork over $60,000 to buy the software? Have our system at your finger tips and monitoring every critical aspect of your systems 24/7.

Perfectly Scalable IT Support

As your company grows, so will your IT needs. But when is the right time to hire a full time IT person or to scale up from 1 person to 2 or 3? You’ll always be overstaffed or understaffed. There will always be system critical tasks not being completed because 1 person is over worked with too many responsibilities on his plate. But is there really enough work to justify hiring a full time tech?

Warranty Tracking

Monitor all of your warranties so if you have an unexpected crash the parts can be replaced right away. Start working on fixing the problem in a few hours instead of a few days because you’re waiting for parts.

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Complete System Mapping

As part of the on-boarding process, we document all components in your system. Passwords, logins, maintenance systems all get reviewed and documented so you get a clear benchmark of where your systems are.

Seamlessly Transition Workload to Full Time Employees

Because of the complete system mapping process, if at any time you’re not completely satisfied with us, we can hand over those documents for you to take them to the next company or hand them over to a new full time tech employee.

No Long Term Contracts-managed cost.

We guarantee you get the best service every single month by making it easy for you to leave at any time if you’re unhappy with our performance.We have fixed cost (TCO) agreements that allow you to flatline your computer support expense.

IT Recruiting, Hiring, and Training Support

As your company grows, so will your IT needs. We can help you recruit, hire, and train only candidates qualified to support your system and computers and bring them up to speed with all the knowledge they need to be successful at your company.

Online Support with ConnectWise

No details get overlooked with our online help desk. Have a maintenance request? No problem.

Real Time System Monitoring

Like reading the “black box” of your system, we can get diagnostic information about your hardware and software before it fails.

Company Wide Updates

With the click of a button we can push out updates to every computer in your network. Know that every computer in your network is secure and up to date with the latest antivirus and system software. Now Martha in accounting can download all the grumpy cat pictures she wants without infecting your entire QuickBooks file.

Keep your current Antivirus setup

Already have an antivirus system in place? We easily integrate with your existing system to push out updates and keep every piece in sync.

Remote Control Fixes on Demand

Having a problem with your computer you can’t figure out? Give us a call and we can take control of your monitor and show you step by step how to fix it. No more waiting days for a tech to physically sit down at your station to do repairs. For example, some printers have recurring errors because of defects in the printer software that will continue to occur. We can show you exactly how to fix the problem so you don’t need to call in tech support each time.

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HD Technologies is a Seal Beach IT support company dedicated to giving you the tools and personnel you need to gain an edge over your competition with prices that fit your company’s budget. Whether you’re looking for IT services or managed services in Los Angeles, Long Beach or Orange County, we’re here to help.

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