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I am a commercial real estate agent and my lifeblood is communicating with my clients. If my email isn’t functioning on my phone I am dead in the water. Recently I updated my phone and the marketing ap I use didn’t function properly. Tom at H&D knew exactly how to solve the problem and did it as quickly and painlessly as possible.
-J.R., Commercial Real Estate Agent, Long Beach, CA
I wanted to work with an i.t. firm that would help me control my costs. Where to start? H&D was recommended to us and we have been happy with their service since 2013. They set us up on a fixed cost contract that provides oversight monitoring of our systems and end user support. We didn’t want to be nickel and dimed to death if our employees needed i.t. help. We operate a general engineering CONSTRUCTION business and have multiple users that work in and out of the office so the end user support provided through A contract was key. We’re busy, we email a support issue to H&D and are confident our problems will be solved promptly. I would recommend H&D to any business owner that needs to know what their i.t. costs will be each month.
-M.B.General Engineering/ Construction, LA County
I am the liaison for a quality commercial real estate brokerage and advisory service. H&D has been our tech company since 2000. We have multiple offices and agents working in and out of the office so secure access to our systems is a must. I don’t want to find out after the fact that there is a hole in our system and that it has been breached. H&D uses the latest monitoring tools and makes sure our antivirus protection is current.
-J.A. Commercial Real Estate
The event every in house i.t. director dreads is losing a key member of their staff without much notice. In 2010, this is exactly what happened to us. Finding the right kind of help was definitely a challenge. I was afraid of finding someone that could sell themselves but really couldn’t do the work.

Our i.t. systems are complex. H&D Technologies stepped in to fill our needs and continues to help us keep our technology up-to-date so our business processes work efficiently. They competently communicate with our application partners to help us with special projects. They review our systems annually to provide a roadmap and a budget to keep us on track.

-R.C. Pharmacy Benefit Management

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