Pricing Calculator – HDTech’s Support and Security Offering

If you own a business and are hoping to grow or maintain it, our team can help. Our team consists of industry professionals with a wide range of backgrounds, and our customer testimonials speak for themselves.

HDTech’s Security Offering

  • Managed Firewall Service
  • Managed Virus protection-Webroot Centrally Managed Virus and Malware
  • IT Risk Management
  • Intrusion Protection Systems
  • Password policy adherence
  • Cloud Security
  • Segmented user access
  • Data security (on server and on backups)
  • Content filtering
  • Operating System Patching
  • Common 3rd Party Application patching (java, adobe pdf, etc)
  • Comprehensive, proactive, fixed cost helpdesk/server/network support
7 Layers of Cybersecurity

We treat you and your unique needs with the consideration you deserve. Our professionals ask questions, take the time to learn about your business and goals and provide the best possible IT solutions for your needs.

If you have data that is valuable to your business-and you do!-, do not leave it at risk with inadequate security. Trust your systems to professionals who know how to maintain it and protect it.

Which path will you take-the one to increased security and peace of mind or the other alternative-no security plan at all? Contact us to learn how we can help you and protect your business’ future.

In today’s technology security and support landscape there are two roads you can take, one that protects your business from the most common threats, or a head in the sand mentality of not doing anything. Our approach to Managed Security Support Services lowers the risk of a breach by creating a layered approach. Each layer has a specific threat vector it blocks which creates multi-layer comprehensive security. These breaches can occur via malware, viruses, or operating system exploits. Implementing and monitoring an effective security program can be daunting, so most small and medium sized businesses never develop a comprehensive security approach. With the help of H&D Technologies, your business can have a first class security and support team for a reasonable cost. We bring the expertise that allows you to have a real security plan that will protect your business technology assets.

H&D Technologies sets up state of the art security devices and software and manages them 24 hours a day. The systems can show real time threats and identify intrusion. Our automated systems updated all your system for: operating system patches, virus updates, malware updates, and common application updates like Java, Adobe acrobat, etc. H&D Technologies will review the requirements of your business and recommend a cost effect and appropriate program.

The best way to prevent catastrophic losses due to a security exploit is to hire a reliable IT solutions company. For over 25 years, H&D Technologies has been providing quality IT security services and IT services to midsize and small businesses.