Hiring Internal IT Staff – Technical Expertise

Hi, this is Tom Hermstad with HD Technologies. This is the hiring internal I.T. series. And this is the second part in the series, and it’s about technical expertise and competency as it relates to hiring the engineer. Then on the Headhunters, it’s they’re trying to get candidates to you as quickly as humanly possible, and they do not have the

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Hiring Internal IT Staff – Resume Vs Experience

Hey, this is Tom Hermstad with HD Technologies. This is the hiring internal IT staff series. And this first one is on the resume versus experience and how the two rarely meet. The big problem comes when most companies go to hire a tech. They don’t know what they don’t know, and they often hire somebody incorrectly who does not know

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10 IT Security Terms Everybody Should Know

If you want to become acquainted with a particular subject, you must first learn the basic terminology. IT security has its own special terms that are important to the understanding of cyber threats and how to deal with them. In this article, we discuss 10 terms that everyone who works at a computer terminal should know. Phishing We start with this

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The Importance of Proactive IT Maintenance

“Be prepared” is a good motto to live by, especially when it comes to managing IT environments.  Every element in your IT architecture is subject to failure. It would be foolhardy to think that everything will continue as is without problems. Proactivity is a concept that includes anticipating potential failures before they happen and creating a “just-in-case” plan to deal with

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Where Do Security Threats Come From? The Small Business Cyber Threat Landscape

If you think IT security problems are only caused by teenage hackers in their basements, you’re underestimating the scope of possible threats. While guarding against intrusion by curious geeks, every company needs to be on the lookout for security issues arising from a variety of sources — and some of them may surprise you. Let’s have a closer look at potential

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cyber attack

Four Major Types of Cyber Threat

When assessing the risks of a security breach, it helps to know what you are up against. Cyber threats can come in many different forms.  Understanding the nature of these threats will help us to be more prepared to defend against them. Actually, there is a long list of potential threats — too many to cover here. To give you some

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Woman working on a laptop cybersecurity training

Cybersecurity Training for Employees

Your company’s mission is to provide products and services — but there’s a lot more to it. You can make all the widgets that you want, but if you don’t protect them you can lose everything. Ignoring potential  threats and vulnerabilities will only enable those with evil intentions to compromise your business. That’s why it’s important to make sure everyone in

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check list

What Is Security Compliance?

If you are intelligent and creative, you can very often find a way to accomplish things that others can’t. Some talented people become trailblazers in their field, consistently meeting goals that they have set for themselves. But left to ourselves, doing very well can often become a hit-or-miss proposition. To bring everyone up to speed and improve quality across industries, many

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Work Home Laptop Cybersecurity

The Cybersecurity Risks of Working from Home

When it comes to cybersecurity, there is not much room for error. Those who fail to adequately secure their IT environment, including remote access employees, may regret their neglect. As more people are working from home rather than at the office, cyber criminals are taking advantage of any weaknesses that may become apparent in the home worker’s IT defenses. Barracuda Networks

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Bank robbery, male robber in black uniform trying to break vault lock. Criminal profession, theft concept

Password Vault – Internet Security Strategy

Everyone knows the importance of passwords. From ancient days, secret passwords have been used to authorize entry for those who know them. Those who could not accurately state the password were restricted access and may even have been considered enemies. That’s the idea behind the use of passwords in the field of computing. The problem is that many passwords are too

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