Cloud Backups

  It’s Sunday, and I’m looking outside at the gray ‘June gloom’ day in California, and I’m thinking about clouds. Why not talk about ‘cloud’ backups? Firstly, a quick update on the cloud. The term gets bandy about a lot these days, but mostly its a marketing term, that sounds better than ‘other’s servers hosted on the internet and you paying

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Microsoft moving to outsourced IT model

    Microsoft recently announced that it has forged a deal with Infosys Technologies to manage all of its IT operations. This is a tremendous confirmation for the effectiveness of the outsourced IT model. A large, well known, technology company like Microsoft would only make a shift like this if it made sense for their business.  Per a Microsoft rep: As

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squeak or scream?

  When I tell people what I do, they invariably respond…I get it you fix computers. Nothing could be further from the truth. While we do, in the course of a normal day, ‘fix’ peoples computers (which encompasses servers, desktops, laptops, network equipment, etc.) our real purpose is to NOT have to fix them, ever. The more you have to ‘fix’

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backups, backups, backups

  …you have backups in place, right? Lets start with some simple questions to refine your answer.   1) do you get a report daily that shows that your backups worked? 2) do you check to ensure your backups include the data you need backed up? 3) do you retrieve data from your backups to ensure you can use them?  

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Is it time for new PCs?

  We’ve all seen it somewhere… the PC that’s been at the company longer than any of the employees.  Its’ clumsy, beige case sticks out against the new, sleek black models.  Employees give sympathetic nods to whoever gets stuck behind its keyboard.  And although that PC may seem like a badge of honor for resiliency and cost savings, it can actually

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