OK, it’s the happiest time of year and the best time of year to get the latest and greatest devices and equipment … Right? The holidays are upon us and here are a few tips you might want to consider before you whip out your credit card …

Budget – Consider your overall technology budget and the comprehensive plans you have for growth. Does a new cell phone, printer, server etc. make sense when you might lose $ on an early contract default? Are there warranty considerations? If you are working with a good Managed Services Provider, they will help you stay on track and document the life time of your equipment so you don’t end up overspending. 

Keep it simple – Always, always consider what you want to achieve and outline the reasons for your purchase. Make sure the equipment or device is the best choice for the tasks you want to accomplish. For business technology, you are better off contacting your current technology / managed service provider to review compatibility and needs requirements. There is nothing like purchasing a fancy device and then discovering there is no way it will integrate with your current business technology.


Consider Buying local – You will probably be happier in the long run if you work with people you know. Whether you are considering a personal or a business purchase, building a relationship with a local I.T.  vendor is the best choice. The known vendor will help you choose the right device because they know you and your business. These tech buying tips will help you do that.