Hey, this is Tom Hermstad with HD Technologies. This is the hiring internal IT staff series. And this first one is on the resume versus experience and how the two rarely meet.

The big problem comes when most companies go to hire a tech. They don’t know what they don’t know, and they often hire somebody incorrectly who does not know how to do the job. And then after three months, they let that person go and they’re hiring again. And so I want to talk about the whole idea of not having that happen.

And then when people go to hire somebody, the first thing they do is they’ll go and do a job posting on indeed or ZipRecruiter or any number of boards or they call a headhunter, and they want the headhunter to bring them qualified staff and to talk about the first one. You know, you go out and you get a bunch of candidates and they send you resumes, but you have no idea, based upon their resumé, you know, they can say whatever they want on a resume.

What about in the real world? Can they do what they say they can do? And I’ll tell you, from 30 years of looking at resumes, there is a big difference between most people when they write their resume and when it comes time to test them technically. There’s a big difference between the resume and the actual skill level.