What is your backup policy? Do you even have one?

If you are practicing proper computer security measures, then you are running routine backups. Do you have a policy for your backups? Is it written down? If so, then add it to your official policy manual so anyone can easily understand and implement it if you have a technology personnel change (this could be an internal person, or an outside firm).

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IT Terms: User Risks

Get IT We know that all the IT (Information Technology) lingo can be confusing. Occasionally we like to post the definitions to terms that we use often. This post is specific to risks that employees encounter often that can completely derail operations. Although these all sound very scary (and they are), through education and user security training, your employees can avoid

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User Security Training

User Security Training – Book it Today

Arming Your Employees With Basic User Security Training Is Job One From desktop to mobile to cloud–technology changes quickly and so do the threats and security measures designed to mitigate them. The best way to arm your staff is thru comprehensive online user security training. How do you teach what you don’t know? The truth is, you can’t. Luckily, there are

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Office 365

How to Maximize Your MS Office 365 Investment

Of course, you want to use the best suite of software you can after all your business runs on it! One of your best productivity solutions is Microsoft Office 365. But don’t stop after the first download of MS Office products. You need to maximize your MS Office 365 investment. Most people look at Microsoft Office 365 as the primary suite of

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Firewalls  Keep Your  Kingdom  Safe

As the name implies, a firewall is an outside barrier to your network and a necessary part of your network security arsenal. A firewall has the capability to both fortify your cyber kingdom, keeping unwanted information or predators out, and virtually lower the drawbridge to allow wanted information to enter.   Using the ‘firewall’ that comes with the Internet connection you ordered is

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System Administrator

System Administrator – The Fundamental Rule

Do you know how many system administrators your company needs? One. One System Administrator! That’s our policy and should be yours.  Having multiple system administrators never ends well for the network or your business. What is a system administrator (sysadmin): A system administrator is the person in a company that ensures software is acquired and installed correctly and keeps the network and

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Avoid It Panic

You Will Be Hacked! Better Get Ready!

Recently I went to a security conference and the FBI Agent there said there are two types of businesses: those that have been hacked and those that have been hacked but don’t know it. OUCH! Have you ever endured the tragedy of a breach? After a security breach one of the first things you do is implement your response plan (assuming

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Triple Your Cyber Security

Triple Your Cyber Security at the Weakest Level

 “It’s not paranoia if they are really after you.” – Tagline for the movie “Enemy of the State” Is your business as safe as it can be from cyber crime? Cyber crime is a real threat and the more digital our universe becomes, the larger the threat. One of the easiest ways for a business to protect its server from intruders

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Identity Theft

Don’t Let Identity Theft End Your Holidays

Password Protection – Prevent Identity Theft Starting with Black Friday and throughout December–before and after the religious holidays, there is a flurry of shopping. Sales and sprees both in real life and online can keep our credit cards charging ahead at a dizzying rate. We at HD Tech want to take this opportunity to give a gift of good advice. Go

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