Microsoft Office 365 offers an expansive selection of apps to add functionality that will increase your productivity and efficiency.

Of course, you want to use the best suite of software you can after all your business runs on it! One of your best productivity solutions is Microsoft Office 365. But don’t stop after the first download of MS Office products. You need to maximize your MS Office 365 investment.

Most people look at Microsoft Office 365 as the primary suite of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook—the MS staples. However, those programs are just the gateway to a wealth of products accessible through Office 365. It’s not just a word processing program or mail tool, or just a fantastic spreadsheet or presentation tool. Dive in and explore and you will find a whole new world.

Microsoft offers a comprehensive selection of products that you can add to enhance your business tools and make your operations more efficient.

Here are but a few:


These days businesses are run from multiple places and most teams are not in the same room, let alone the same city. You need the flexibility to communicate seamlessly and Office 365 gives you that ability.

  • Collaboration with people not in the same location
  • Participants inside or outside of your organization
  • Screen sharing
  • Video conferencing
  • Share files
  • seamlessly access sharepoint data
  • instant messaging

SharePoint & One Drive

No need to add another data storage subscription that does not work seamlessly with your software. Access your Microsoft files directly from any device wherever you are.

  • Online storage similar to Dropbox but tied to your Office 365 account and much more secure
  • Document collaboration site … could potentially take the place of a file server


You probably have this on your desktop and don’t know it. (OneNote likely was loaded when you updated your MS software.) It’s a cool tool that acts as a to-do list as well as a bulletin board for your inspiration. You can save things you clipped from the web, paste some notes, you can even draw in it. You can keep it private or you can share it—in real time!

  • Collaborative workplace
  • You can work in real time and everyone sees the updates
  • Share spreadsheets, documents and graphics

Power BI Desktop & Mobile

Your business informatics tell the story the best. With Power Bi you can place your visual analytics where you want them and then share them with your team.

  • You can pull information from disparate data sources into one dashboard.
  • We will explore this topic in-depth in a later blog post.

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