Mobile Device Management is important when it comes to your overall technology security strategy.

If you have a fleet of phones in use by your employees out in the field, then you basically have an added level of exposure for each of those phones. It would be awful for a cyber-criminal to sabotage your organization through an employee’s lost mobile device.

Welcome Office 365’s Mobile Device Management (MDM). HD Tech can help you setup MDM and get it running to secure and manage all your company’s devices from a central location.

How it Works

There are two ways to manage mobile devices through Office 365: MDM for Office 365 and Microsoft Intune. Click here for a side-by-side comparison. Both products are cloud-based, and while both are compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows devices (iPhones, iPads, Android, and Windows phones), Intune requires a paid subscription beyond the Office 365 fee and works with Mac OS X.

You can set-up policies to protect the devices you have assigned to your employees and your company’s data that only allows access to the devices and data you have designated. Further, you can remotely wipe them clean if your employee loses the device or someone steals it (for the most part, leaving personal data intact).

Different Groups, Different Policies

If you have different tiers of employees granted different access, and allowed different latitude, MDM allows for that. You can set different parameters, allow employees to load apps, and permit different levels of access to company assets. You can also implement policies for all devices or even for just one employee.

When it Gets Personal

If you allow your employees to store personal information on company-owned devices, then you can cordon off that information from the company MDM policies.

Implementation and Administration

There are multiple administrator levels for Office 365 MDM. The most important is Global administrators. You can have more than one Global admin, but this is the only level that assigns other administrators at any level. Microsoft recommends, and HD Tech agrees, that having more than a few Global admins will put your company at risk.

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