Why Office 365?

We use office 365 for our clients a lot. It’s a good solution for many reasons.Why office 365? 1) Never worrying about what version of the office you’re on, anyone on 365 always has an up to date Office version. 2) Not worrying about your mail going down when your office internet is down. On premise mail systems provide a single

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What to think about before a VOIP installation

These days many business are looking at VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) Phone Systems. Instead of carrying calls on conventional phone lines, the voice is carried encrypted across the internet. While VOIP is usually the  way  to go, there are things to be considered. For the purposes of this article I’m going to quickly review the talking points one should consider

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IT Security Service

[separator headline=”h2″ title=”Multidefense technology to secure your network”] Technology poses security risks from within and outside every business. H&D Technologies can provide offsite IT security it security service and protection services along with monitoring and consulting services to eliminate risk. Inside Are you worried about the security risks associated with employees? H&D Technologies provides a secure network environment so you can

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Happiest Time of the Year! Tech buying Tips

OK, it’s the happiest time of year and the best time of year to get the latest and greatest devices and equipment … Right? The holidays are upon us and here are a few tips you might want to consider before you whip out your credit card … Budget – Consider your overall technology budget and the comprehensive plans you have

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Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Continuity refers to the ability to get your systems running quickly during an outage. When your server goes down and can’t be brought back up – now what? If you have regular, non-image based backups, here are the steps: Find a good backup. This is usually very difficult as few data backups actually work when you need them – especially tape! This

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Marketing Tip: Don’t Get Blacklisted!

There is a common mistake that many business make when sending marketing or information-based emails: sending out email blasts from their corporate email account to groups in excess of 25 recipients and getting blacklisted. For example, if your corporate email is name@domain.com and you send semi-large to large group emails, you may end up putting your entire email server on a

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Backups: Beware of Tape!

You’re going to be hearing a lot on backups in the coming weeks, a favorite topic and one that often is ignored by business owners. Besides the work you perform on your systems, backups are the most important thing you can do to ensure longevity of the business.   Studies show that over 50% of businesses fail in the first year

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Does “Green Computing” Really Mean Savings $$$?

In a word yes, and it’s good for our planet too.  In doing research for this blog post, I ran across some tips on the Journal of Accountancy Website for green computing. If accountants are concerned about this issue, there must be some cost savings in it!   The definition of Green computing as listed on https://www.techopedia.com is: “the environmentally responsible

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BYOD – the good vs. the ugly!

  If your company has opened its doors to the use of personal mobile devices, iPads and tablets for work purposes you are one of the many who are beginning to allow them into work.  Productivity is enhanced if an employee is comfortable with the devices they are using. However, restricting them to particular business-only devices can thwart morale as well

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