With all the cyber attacks in the recent media, it is great news that the Girl Scouts are now offering cyber security badges! Encouraging young people at an early age to participate in thwarting cyber criminals will certainly add to a safer future for computing. As cited in the USA today story girl scout computer security badges the requirements for achieving the badge are still being worked out. The girls will not only learn the basics of computers but also how to be safe online. Mentoring and field trips are part of the discussion for the requirements. Mentor excitement and interesting field trips could lead to a long term interest for the girls. It seems like the goal for making the cyber world a better, safer place fits in nicely with the goals of being a Girl Scout … and you can eat some good cookies while you are doing it! It is our sincere hope that this promoted interest in computing for girls in general will lead to a greater number of techs and engineers in the future. Interesting factoid: for the 23 years H&D has been in business we can count on one hand the number of female resumes received for our technical positions.