Secure anonymity is the name of the game when you are doing business over the public Internet. If you work with HD Tech and need to access your business data remotely, we setup VPN (Virtual Private Network) access for you. A VPN protects your activity from prying eyes and companies or individuals that want to use your information for their own gain.  

What is a VPN?  

A simple way to explain a VPN connection is to think of it as a private tunnel to transmit information from one end to the other. A VPN connects your computer to a destination using a channel that cannot be deciphered. It does this in a completely private way by encrypting the data as it travels through the tunnel.  Information traveling on the internet without a tunnel can be intercepted and read by anyone with the proper skill set.

When do you need a VPN? 

  1. If you are transmitting sensitive and important information like financial data or intellectual property; 
  2. When you regularly access the Internet from public WiFi like in a coffee shop;  
  3. Your company needs to link several offices or branches together and have all information securely transmitted .

HD Tech can help

As always, if you are in need of more private security measures or have any concerns about your current VPN connection contact HD Tech to review it with you. 

Get IT  (Glossary of Information Technology Terms) 

  • VPN – Virtual Private Network allows you to connect privately and remotely with a destination server without risking any interference or interception from hackers in the public Internet. Data is encrypted and your location is masked as if data was traveling through a private tunnel.  
  • IP – Internet Protocol is a number code assigned to each computer that identifies that particular piece of hardware. An IP address might look like this: Your network attaches the IP address when you send data resulting in the receiving end knowing your identity as well as your location. If an email address is like a home address, then the IP is like the lot number of the property.