When I tell people what I do, they invariably respond…I get it you fix computers. Nothing could be further from the truth. While we do, in the course of a normal day, ‘fix’ peoples computers (which encompasses servers, desktops, laptops, network equipment, etc.) our real purpose is to NOT have to fix them, ever. The more you have to ‘fix’ your computers the more it costs, in lost time for yourself/employees, customer service, paying someone to fix it….and the list goes on. What we do is use our monitoring software (a hybrid of Kaseya, and our own monitoring systems) to watch every piece of hardware and software on our client’s networks. If at anytime (days, nights, weekends) those systems have an issue-what we call a ‘squeak’ either our monitoring software automatically fixes the ‘squeak’ on it’s own, or the ‘squeak’ gets sent to our engineers and they quickly login the offending system and silence it. Usually this takes no or next to no time, the benefit being if it only takes a couple minutes for us, we don’t charge for it on an hourly basis. The more we fix the squeaks the less chance that our clients will ever experience the dreaded ‘scream’.