Recently I went to a security conference and the FBI Agent there said there are two types of businesses: those that have been hacked and those that have been hacked but don’t know it. OUCH! Have you ever endured the tragedy of a breach? After a security breach one of the first things you do is implement your response plan (assuming you have one). Probably the next thing you do is look at your computer logs to see what the hacker has done. The logs record everything that happens on the server and network. The logs can give you a detailed view into a breach and can often point the way out of one.

What if you go to your server to inspect the logs and they aren’t there? Your stomach drops like a broken elevator. The hacker likely deleted the logs.

What now? You turn to your trusty backups. If you have good backup habits, you’re golden! Your should segregate your backups. For instance, store your backups on a separate operating system from your network so they are hard to reach if someone gains access to your network. In addition, you must have an offsite repository in case anything happens to your local one. You can simply retrieve your backup and review the logs to see what’s been done. Backup, monitor and verify on a regular basis.

Don’t panic, call HDTech

If you don’t have recent, thorough backups–or worse don’t know if you even have backups–then contact HD Tech right away. Both on-site backup and off-site backup are crucial for optimal overall protection. Some of the free and paid services that are easily accessible online may seem like good options for saving money, but they never deliver the level of protection that a solid onsite/offsite backup strategy provides.

Better to avoid getting hacked

HD Tech assists businesses of any size avoid, detect, and respond to breaches that can paralyze a company. Consider us your backstop to halt any wild pitch that can dismantle your system. We are completely scalable to meet your IT Support needs, whether you have a one person IT department or utilize a consultant or MSP.

If you’ve considered hiring a managed service provider, look no further. Our goal as your MSP  is to use our monitoring software to watch all your systems and be notified of any irregularities. We address the underlying problem and ensure it never grows into a larger issue. With over 20 years of experience in managed services in Orange County, Los Angeles, and Long Beach, we have seen it all. We have the best engineers available to work on your systems. If you have any questions or want to discuss how we can help you as a MSP in Orange or LA Counties, please click here and complete the Contact Us form. Or call Tom Hermstad at 562 304-9330.