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Simply put, managed services involves using a computer system to monitor all computer operations in order to discover problems before they cause any damage. As a managed service provider, we like to use the squeak vs. scream analogy.

When computer systems first have a problem, they usually give an error that does not affect the running of the system—what we define as the squeak. Unfortunately, unless you have a sophisticated managed services monitoring system, you’ll never hear the squeak.

A few days go by and the system continues to squeak, but because the users see no problems, no one hears it. After a period of time, the squeak turns into a scream and then everyone listens because the system has usually shut down.

Our goal as managed service provider is to use software to watch all your systems and notify us if there are any squeaks. We go in and address the underlying problem causing the squeak, ensuring it never turns into a scream, and the users and management never know there was a problem.

The approach is fully proactive. An engineer doesn’t have to look at each server or piece of network equipment. They watch a system console that pulls all the data together and displays it on a dashboard.

The other benefit of the managed services methodology is that a large amount of data is collected regarding all aspects of the client’s computer systems. This data can be analyzed via reports to give valuable information to management in a non technical way, so they are assured their systems are being managed correctly. Virus systems, OS patching and backups are just a few of the categories that can be reported on.

The key is having the right software, having that software set correctly, and having the right people watching the software and interpreting the errors.

With over 20 years of collective experience in managed services in Orange County, Los Angeles, and Long Beach, we have used many different software packages and are using the current top choice. We have the best engineers available working on your systems. If you have any questions or want to discuss how we can help you as a managed service provider in Orange County, please contact us via phone, email or chat.

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