IT Risk Management

IT risk management is something that every business owner needs to think about. Unfortunately its an area of the business that doesn’t get addressed until after a big incident. Understanding how risk management fits into the overall business is critical to keeping the business up and running and for avoiding system failures.

The most important aspect of IT risk management is having the right people in place and having the right resources for those people to perform their job effectively.

The challenge becomes that of a “chicken or the egg” argument. How does a company hire an IT person if they don’t currently have an IT person on staff to adequately evaluate the performance of an applicant. It’s easy for an applicant to “say” they know how to do everything required of the job but only through thorough testing can an applicant be adequately vetted.

Fortunately H&D Technologies can help companies do exactly that. HD Tech can perform the technical testing with the applicant to assess if the person has the capabilities to perform the job to the standards needed.

Not only does the company get an applicant that is more qualified for the position, the company can focus on what they do best, determining if the applicant would be a good cultural fit.

Now that the right person is chosen for the position, H&D Tech can help properly equip the tech with the right tools to get the job done. As an IT Partner, HD Tech can provide various monitoring tools and help train the tech the best way to utilize them.

This “partnership” arrangement where an outsourced IT firm works with the company’s internal tech helps lower the risk of that internal person leaving. If all of your companies data is controlled by one person, what happens if that person decides to leave? By working with an outsourced IT firm in conjunction with your in-house tech gives your company the diversification it needs to avoid major system failures.

The whole goal of bringing in an IT solutions company like H&D Technologies is to prevent the revolving door of hiring and firing of techs at your company. Filtering out techs that don’t have the technical chops to excel at their job get weeded out before they even start.