Voip Support And Consultation

Voip phone systems have become the norm for many businesses operating today. Once they were considered a option with an uncertain outcome. Today that is not the case. The landscape for Voip has many great choices and making the change has the possibility of saving your organization time and money. In order to distill the variety of offerings down into the best choice for your business, you will need to work with a technology firm that has had experience analyzing usage and networking requirements as well as setting up the systems. H&D Technologies has worked with small and large sized business in different operational scenarios (manufacturing, legal, real estate and accounting, etc.) to spec and configure the best systems. After installation, H&D Technologies offers monitoring and upgrade patching to keep you system offering optimally. A component of the monitoring service is a help desk feature that gives users answers to setup and functionality questions.

Some common questions our clients asked before making the conversion are as follows.

Will my current internet usage be affected by a Voip phone system or will it slow productivity by adding to the data usage? H&D Technologies will get the statistics on network and consider bandwidth usage. You will have to know how many concurrent phone calls you need to make and accept.

My primary concern is voice quality. What do I need to consider to get the best?

What kind of equipment will I need? Does a hosted or on-premise solution make more sense?

Will I need new cabling for the Voip system setup or can I use my existing cable?

Does the phone system require backup protection?

Take advantage of H&D Technologies expertise when sorting through all of the possibilities for a new Voip system.