Cloud Security Services – Orange County 

Moving business operations and data to “the cloud” has been a hot topic the last couple of years. And as more businesses adopt this practice, staying ahead of best practices in cloud security will become more of a necessity. Investing in solid cloud security software and practices will ensure that companies can protect the integrity of their data and keep it out of of the hands of unauthorized users.

The single biggest problem we find with cloud security is that the business assumes that the people operating or providing the “cloud” are actively looking out for the business.

The important thing to remember is that the cloud is usually just a platform, a place for the business to manage or store its data. Its the business’s responsibility to actively manage who has access to their platform.

This is probably best describe with a simple example.

Let’s use the cloud platform DropBox for our example. Dropbox is just a place in the cloud to store and share files. Many small businesses will set up a Dropbox account to share documents amongst people in their offices. It’s easy to share documents and folders with another person by sending them a link to the file.

This is where cloud security comes into play… The convenience of sharing those documents is also the biggest threat to security. It’s easy to send the link to someone that should not have access to that information.

And the business, unless they’re actively monitoring the situation, will never know that information has been leaked. Dropbox provided the cloud platform, but its not their job to manage each user to decide who gets access.

Fortunately there are business-grade, or enterprise tools that have taken security much more seriously. Now businesses can see exactly who has access to their data, and to revoke that access if the employee quits or is fired.

These business-grade tools coupled with an IT solutions company like H&D Tech to actively monitor the system can prevent those security breaches.

If you’re a business that is considering moving to the cloud, spend some time researching adequate cloud security measures so you know your business is always protected.