Migration to Office 365- Streamlined

Migration to Office 365- Streamlined:

Choosing to migrate from another Mail Server to Office 365 is a big decision. Often times, many companies and individuals choose to hold off on migrating because of the Office 365 Migration Meme- H&D Technologiesperceived risks and complications that come with the migration process. However, migration from Exchange servers to the new Office 365 is extremely doable.

Migrating from another Exchange Server

For migrating an exchange email, Office 365 provides IT companies with an array of services to help expedite the process.

Remote Move:

In a hybrid deployment, a remote move involves onboarding or offboarding migrations. Remote moves require the use of a RemoteMove endpoint. Onboarding moves mailboxes from an on-premises Exchange organization to Exchange Online in Microsoft Office 365. It uses a RemoteMove endpoint as the source endpoint of the migration. Offboarding moves mailboxes from Exchange Online in Office 365 to an on-premises Exchange organization. It uses a Exchange RemoteMove endpoint as the target endpoint of the migration.

Staged Migration:

A staged migration is used to migrate mailboxes to Exchange Online over a period of a few weeks or months. Staged migrations are used by organizations that plan to eventually move all mailboxes to Office 365 and completely transition their on-premises Exchange organization to the cloud. A staged migration isn’t intended for organizations that want to permanently maintain mailboxes in both their on-premises organization and Exchange Online or that plan to transition all mailboxes to Exchange over a long period of time

Cutover Migration:

Cutover Migration is used to migrate all the mailboxes and corresponding mailbox data from your on-premises Exchange organization to Office 365 in a single migration batch over the course of a few days. All on-premises mailboxes are migrated in preparation for moving your entire organization to Microsoft Office 365 and the cloud. After mailboxes are migrated to Exchange Online, the corresponding user accounts are managed in Office 365.

Not Migrating from Exchange?

Not a problem. The IMAP method is applicable for both Exchange and non-Exchange mailMigration to 365 Meme- H&D Technologies servers, meaning that it will suite your needs regardless of what server you are migrating from. So what exactly is the IMAP Migration Method? An IMAP Migration utilizes a CSV file that is then copied and transferred over to the 365 mail server. It copies everything within the current mail server, and then moves it over and pastes it into the Office 365 Cloud. It then remains liked to the IMAP program, and does a sync to continually updated messages received. Messages are then sent and received through Office 365.