The horror of hacks to businesses

The scariest part of horror movies is the first scene that shows the fiendish slasher is in the same house or even as close as the same room with the hero or heroine. Many times, the perpetrator of the gruesome crimes turns out to be someone the victim knows. Guess what? This is true of hacks to company networks. The reality is that over 80% of hacks are internal to the network.

Unlike the circumstances in a horror movie, a monster in a pre-meditated scheme was probably not the culprit. Rather, an employee perpetrated the hacking on accident.

Don’t let them in

Train your employees not to click on something they shouldn’t. With a mere click of the mouse, they might be welcoming a scary beast into your network. Unfortunately, they just want to download a font they need to improve your company’s marketing materials. Once your employees are aware that the enemy is lying in wait for any entry point, they will resist the urge to expose your company to an attack. Employees are not the weakest link in your security with proper training they are the first line of defense.

Policies to protect and to serve

It’s difficult from a human resources (HR) standpoint to hold an employee responsible when they simply don’t understand. HD Tech recommends always establishing rules in the employee handbook regarding the client employee technological policies.

“These three simple policies start a much larger conversation that needs to take place in the onboarding process and then repeatedly in staff meetings. A company cannot afford to jeopardize it’s digital integrity with incomplete HR policies,” said Tom Hermstad, president of H&D Technologies, LLC.

  1. Employees need to stay abreast of the technological policies of the company; and participate in security training as requested;
  2. Employees need to apply the policies;
  3. Employees may not check personal email addresses nor store personal data on the company network.

For more information on the HR policies that protect your employees and your company from hackers, contact HD Tech today by clicking here and completing the short form.