The scenario:

We all do it, you’re creating a file and just want to save it as quickly as possible so you save it to the desktop! Don’t do it! Resist the urge! Those files that we save to the desktop are often times files we begin to use on a regular basis and because they’re not on the server they aren’t being backed up! Then your computer crashes and that data is kaput.  That’s right, the files stored on your local machine are not backed up.

Many employee handbooks specify that it is the users responsibility to ensure their data is stored on the server. Some say that if data is lost because it wasn’t stored properly, it’s the employees fault.

Now what?

If you have files stored on your local computer please call the office (or your helpdesk) before trying to move them yourself. We need to assess the amount of data you have prior to putting it on the server.

From this point forward as you save files make sure you save them to the server and not your local PC! This is probably the hardest part, you have to have discipline to do it long enough that it becomes a habit for you.

Let’s start the year on a great note by getting all your data onto the server and backed up.