Microsoft recently announced that it has forged a deal with Infosys Technologies to manage all of its IT operations. This is a tremendous confirmation for the effectiveness of the outsourced IT model.

A large, well known, technology company like Microsoft would only make a shift like this if it made sense for their business.  Per a Microsoft rep:

As you know, we have had a concentrated effort to be more efficient and save money. This was a major area where we could do this.


There a clear method to managing technology.  IT workers are no longer a bunch of cowboys riding around the countryside saving PCs in distress.  There is a theory, technique, and workflow to managing IT for business.


When you have a team of technicians that manage multiple IT departments they gain a level of experience and unique breadth of knowledge.  And they are motivated and incentivized to leverage those benefits across all their customers.


Infosys makes this point themselves when they refer to their deal with Microsoft as

..a unique opportunity to partner with Microsoft IT and gain deep and early expertise in the implementation and management of the latest Microsoft technologies, and thus enhancing Infosys capabilities to help other customers leverage Microsoft’s innovation and adopt these technologies…


Done right it can help you save money, be more effective, and keep your technology on top.