a continuation from last weeks post, 6-10 of the top 10 IT focus areas for 2013…


6) Virtualization. The days of having an actual hardware server for each business function (file storage, database, email) are over, you can now run multiple ‘virtual’ machines on one server. Virtualization is a big topic, suffice it to say you need to research it and determine how it can save you money. (I’m going to do a post soon just on Virtual Machines).


7) Review server warranties. If you have server, they should be under warranty. period. Most small business people have dells, look at the top of the server and find your service tag number, call dell or check their website for your warranty status. If your server fails and you don’t have a warranty you’ll be bummin…seriously bummin.


8) Tablet productivity. From the Ipad to the new surface tablets are a productivity boon. Their instant on capability makes productivity soar, and with the surface you get excellent integration with the Microsoft office product line. You can do everything from a tablet you can do from your desktop.


9) Cloud. Mostly ‘cloud’ is a buzz word, all it means is the internet. That being said, there are a number of services that have matured and are very practical cost wise. Small exchange email need, cloud works, hosted CRM system (read salesforce), done. Before you buy a new piece of hardware research the cloud options and compare cost vs functionality.


10) VOIP Phone Systems. VOIP is here to stay. Having your phone calls travel across the internet instead of plain old telephone lines is the current and future trend. Is your old phone system costing you extra money every month? Do you want to easily extend your phone system to home workers? You’ll be surprised how little a full featured VOIP phone system is. There are also cloud based phone systems that work excellently.


Until next time…TH