Recently one of our clients asked us why his laptop didn’t work as well at his iPad. Ok he didn’t say it that nice, but that was the intent. And while we’ve had iPads from the beginning, it gave us pause to think about using an iPad for everything.


So for the last 2 weeks we’ve been working from our iPads for all that we can and this is what we’ve learned. They can do the normal business stuff better than any laptop-email, calendar, notes, spreadsheets, presentations, remote access, not to mention individual apps for almost anything you want to do.


With the instant on feature (try that on your laptop), they sure make work faster and with almost no crashing, a lot less frustrating.


I use mine for everything other than accessing proprietary business applications, only because my vendor doesn’t (won’t) make an iPad app. Sure I can use the web to access those apps, but on the iPad my user experience is less than optimum.


I will continue to use it as much as I can and report back on my continued observations. Bottom line is if you need basic computer functions and nothing crazy and can handle the smaller screen, the iPad with the Apple bluetooth keyboard is the better bet….TH