It’s the new year, and like everyone else I’m thinking about goals and new years resolutions. I thought it a good time to give you-gentle reader-my list of things to do for your systems in ’13.


1) Move backups to a disk based system, that allows the duplication of that data offsite. This past year many improvements have been made to backup software for disk based backups, you owe it to your peace of mind to take a hard look at this technology.


2) Re-read #1


3) Review your firewall(s). Today’s new firewalls have the throughput to handle current data speeds from FIOS, etc. They also allow these speeds even with gateway security. Gateway security means that the firewall checks all incoming and outgoing traffic for threats and removes them. End game…your firewall may be slowing down your fast internet connection and may not be protecting you from current threats.


4) Workstation operating systems. We still see a lot of Windows XP out there today, and while it’s a solid operating system it has become outdated. Windows 7 is excellent, but is already being supplanted by windows 8. You can still order a PC with Windows 7. If you are feeling adventurous you can get a new PC with Windows 8. Be warned, it is significantly different than XP and 7. Good, but different.


5) Managing your inbox/email archiving. Most people have a massive amount of email in their inbox, and almost know one knows what to do with it. The new Microsoft Exchange 2010 (the behind the scenes piece of outlook) has amazing archiving built into it. This automatically gives you the ability to archive things past a certain age seamlessly and still be able to access them cleanly.


the next 5 next week…TH