IT Consulting – 7 Benefits for your Business

Designing, building and implementing IT systems requires time and resources that aren’t always available in-house. Hiring a third-party IT consulting firm gives you access to a team of experts with extensive technical knowledge. Whether you employ a company to work for you on a regular basis or bring in temporary consultants to help with a big project, having someone else handle your IT operations can pay off in big ways for your company.

1) Get a Clear Understanding of Your Projects
Diving into an IT project without an idea of how big or expensive it’s going to be puts a strain on company resources. The team at H&D Tech works with you to develop a game plan for design and implementation of IT resources. This way, you know exactly what needs to be put in place, when it will happen and how much you need to budget for it to be done correctly.

2) Develop and Stick With a Vision
As an IT consulting firm, we assess what your business needs are and create a blueprint for success based on those needs. Because we have an outside perspective we can help you see the weaknesses in your current system and help you visualize what must be done to fix it. By working with someone who has knowledge of and passion for the IT field, you get a system that’s far more comprehensive than what you could create on your own.

3) Gain Access to IT Consulting Expertise
It’s not possible for you or your employees to stay on top of every single development in the IT industry. And without a solid knowledge of how technology is progressing, it can be hard to grow your business in a way that keeps you ahead of the competition. Outsourcing IT operations gives you access to people whose job it is to know what advances are being made and how new hardware and software might be able to help your business thanks to past experience working with similar companies. Whom do you want doing your projects and support, the tech that is doing it for the first time, or the tech and company that has done exactly what you need multiple times? Either on our own or in concert with your internal IT staff we can make implementation and support more elegant, cost effective and proactive.

4) Implement Systems Promptly
You don’t have the time to shut down your business while an in-house team spends days setting up a new IT system. Bringing in third-party consultants allows you to continue daily operations during setup and to begin using the new system immediately after installation. IT consultants have the necessary tools to install and deploy a system the right way the first time, thereby reducing the need for troubleshooting in the future.

5) Free Up Employee Resources
When your employees are busy with mundane IT tasks, other more important projects often get put on hold. An IT consultant can put together systems that tighten up in-house operations by automating jobs such as payroll, order fulfillment and remote monitoring and support, so that your business runs more efficiently and proactively.

6) Enjoy Reliable System Management
Technology is prone to glitches, and when your system goes down, a third-party IT team can get it back up and running in a flash. You won’t have to worry about productivity grinding to a halt while your employees try to fix problems. Instead, you’ll be able to get right back to daily operations with minimal downtime.

7) Build a Safer Network
Every technology has its vulnerabilities, and it seems like new threats appear every day. The only way to keep your company’s systems and data safe is to have a comprehensive security plan in place. IT consultants know that this means more than installing an anti-virus program and going on their way, and they can work with you to develop a network of tools that provides the highest possible level of protection against potential threats.

Here are a few of the IT Consulting solutions we provide

Technology Blueprint – We will meet with business owners to understand your overall business approach so all proposed technology needs will be addressed to meet your business’ specific goals. We will conduct a review of your entire system and provide a blueprint of it’s weaknesses & strengths and what the future needs will be. We will review your business processes to ensure that the technology you have implemented is the best choice for your industry. Budget planning and designing added network components are part of our expertise.

I.T. audits from Lawyers, Bank, Government – Are you overwhelmed and confused by technical audits and technical information requested/required by the legal, financial or government agencies you work with? H&D Technologies will work with these agencies on your behalf to provide the required information.

Technology Vendor Liaison – comprehensive knowledge to work with all Software and Hardware vendors especially in proprietary environments.

Sounding board – H&D Technologies can serve as a sounding board for your I.T. department. When working on a complex Technology issues a second opinion can lead to quicker, better results.

Project management – Delaying implementation of advancements in technology for an organization can lead to loss of capital. Small /medium sized businesses frequently do not have the resources to keep up with technology that can help improve their processes or customer service. H&D Technologies can provide Project scope and planning as well as implementation support. Here is a list of project types we have completed for our customers.

H&D Tech provides IT Consulting in Orange County, Los Angeles County, San Bernardino County, and San Diego County.