IT Infrastructure Services

Your IT infrastructure is the general term used to describe all the hardware, software, devices, and facilities your company needs to operate. Our IT infrastructure services include watching over your servers, software programs, firewalls, wiring, routers, desktop devices, mobile devices, tablets, and off-site and on-site data facilities. A well established infrastructure allows experts to analyze the performance of each component and to rapidly modify each component as necessary. Because every component in the network adds it own layer of complexity, having a IT Infrastructure service available for support can greatly increase the performance of your systems and help prevent costly breakdowns.

Integrating the Network With Various Software Programs

H&D Tech can integrate a companies physical IT infrastructure with various software programs like Microsoft Office 365. We have experience in application to application communication and on how to do things such as clustering understanding their impact on the application in question. By confirming that the hardware is up to standard for running the required software programs, your company will have a much smoother running overall system.

Evaluating the Servers

Our software will analyze the health of every server in your network, and our systems will notify you when servers or software programs require upgrades or routine maintenance. Moreover, we provide a software program that lets our technicians remotely monitor your networks without having to be on site. Technicians will typically analyze each server’s usage of data, upgrade the device’s control panel, manually search for errors and evaluate the accounts of users. According to one analysis, many security issues are partially caused by a failure to update applications, and consequently, our technicians will frequently install the newest versions of software programs.

Swiftly Detecting Errors or Breaches

Our remote monitoring system, Kaseya, will automatically send a notification if there is problem with any component of a server or network. Consequently, our experts can generally fix an issue before it affects a user’s experience.

Managing your Data Center Deployment

When the time is right, H&D Tech can help you move your data to a co-location data center. Data centers provide heightened security for your data, temperature controlled server rooms, multiple data redundancies, which can all reduce the likelihood of server failure. Additionally, in order to deal with natural disasters, the facilities typically contain generators for auxiliary power if the main power goes down. Data centers also have extensive fire control systems.

Network Wiring

H&D Tech can help you hire a great vendor to physically install the backbone of your network. We partner with highly experienced technicians that can wire the entire network of servers, and we will inspect the wiring that is attached to the facility’s other devices. Ensuring the wiring can handle adequate bandwidth allows each device to get the right data as quickly as possible. Skimping on good wiring is like putting cheap tires on an expensive sports car… it just not going to perform how it should.

Security and Entry Systems

We also partner with a security and entry systems company because having a perfectly configured firewall is useless if the location that its stored isn’t secure. By installing security systems and entry systems, you can be confident that only authorized personnel have access to the appropriate devices.

Analyzing the IT Infrastructure

With more than 20 years of experience, our company is capable of creating automated tests that will evaluate the ability of the servers to handle breaches, software exploits and malicious software. Our business will develop a detailed report that identifies the strengths and the potentially weak aspects of your IT infrastructure. Our experts can also provide a list of strategies and types of equipment that could eliminate these vulnerable points.

If you want to us to analyze your business systems or to take advantage of our IT infrastructure services please reach out to us at 562-431-0098 x211.