IT Project Management

Information technology becomes increasingly competitive, and time-to-market concerns are crucial for meeting any organization’s goals. The more agile that technology becomes, the greater the benefits your company can offer to its customers. Managed services have become powerful tools in the arsenal of resources for agile IT project management, cost containment, budgeting predictability and meeting deadlines.

Your program and project management needs include many features that evolve over time, and outside experts can provide on-demand services to handle unexpected or regular aspects of any project to free your staff for other tasks. If you want help planning timelines, integrating VOIP applications and implementing Office 365 or complex Internet circuits, H&D Tech can supply the services that allow your staff to concentrate on core competencies and monitor advances in technology during a project’s execution. You can respond quickly to changes that could critically impact service or reaching your project’s key goals.

IT project management covers a host of business initiatives in many industries that range from software development to change management and system deployment. The benefits of outsourcing certain technological processes to a trusted professional company like H&D Tech include providing a systematic method of driving performance through agile techniques to upgrade project deliverables, deliver better cost-value benchmarks and satisfy customers and stakeholders more efficiently. The specific benefits of having a professional consultant on the job 24/7 include:

  • External consultants often bring greater objectivity to project outcomes and deliverables.
  • Managers can use outside resources to train staff and build in-house expertise.
  • Tasks can be assigned to different managers based on their specific skill sets.
  • Contract services reduce the costs of hiring and training IT staff or investing in the capital costs of hardware and software.
  • You can scale up or down more rapidly to respond to internal or market conditions.
  • Outsourcing can provide key services such as customer support, external system monitoring and backups of key data and integrations.
  • Most companies can strengthen their security protocols by involving an outside pair of eyes to focus on potential breaches.
  • Monitoring and Controlling Automation

Repetitive tasks that involve monitoring your internal and external networks, stakeholders and systems take lots of time and require using your valuable staff resources, or you risk not being responsive to your customers’ needs or being unable to fix issues proactively before they become service issues. Fully integrated services with H&D Tech include:

  • Ensuring better compliance with HIPAA or other governmental or industry guidelines
  • Setting up virtual networks for testing, monitoring and controlling key project parameters
  • Providing business continuity during various threats or service denials
  • Simplifying computer support with fixed costs
  • Offering support, monitoring and backup services remotely
  • Mitigating virus and spyware threats
  • Managing outside interests that don’t fit your company’s skill sets like providing virtual CIO services
  • Scalable IT Support

Your projects and business processes will never achieve maximum agility if you’re saddled with too many staff members or depend on one person for too many critical responsibilities. Use H&D Tech’s suite of services to scale up or down without over- or understaffing. Get the skills you need on-demand, and take advantage of H&D Tech’s support for hiring, training and recruiting when permanent staff expansions are needed.

Project management has become increasingly specialized, and your company faces challenging efforts to assess, plan, prioritize and meet stakeholder expectations while delivering results on-time and on-budget. Let H&D Tech be your IT partner for ensuring adequate monitoring, automating repetitive tasks and utilizing big business capabilities as on-demand services.