Sharepoint vs OneDrive

Sharepoint: What is it?

Microsoft Sharepoint is the new way to better utilize company communication and collaboration to expedite and finish projects. Sharepoint is almost a social media site, in the sense that each person has an account specialized based on their role within the company and can be sectionalized accordingly. Sharepoint allows for seamless access to documents within the company and coordination between different levels of the company to ensure everyone is on the same page regarding projects and various activities.

How does it work?

Sharepoint utilizes the framework of Office 365 and its users’ to create a network of information and data. Simply put, your documents, ideas, and notes can be shared with anyone within your company through Sharepoint. This creates a transfer of ideas and documents that stems company-wide. Communication becomes simpler, ideas can be shared in the moment, and everything can be shared to either specific people working on a project or the company as a whole.

What it pairs with:

Yammer: Yammer is a social media service that actually allows Sharepoint integration. Sharepoint is able to be combined with a social media site and virtually extend the range of social sharing that is one of the application’s main attractions.

OneDrive: Sharepoint and it’s ability to share company-wide is perfect for pairing with OneDrive. While all of your documents are stored on OneDrive, you will now have the ability to share any of them with your peers on Sharepoint. You seamlessly can transfer your ideas and documents to the rest of the people in the office, reducing downtime and increasing efficiency.

Outside Applications: Outside of Yammer and OneDrive, Sharepoint is pairable and usable with countless outside applications. Whether or not your company utilizes OneDrive or Yammer, you will be able to find other applications that work in accordance with Sharepoint. Regardless of what you need, Sharepoint offers ways to improve your business and increase company efficiency.

OneDrive: What is it?

Onedrive is like your own repository. A place to store all your files security in the cloud. This makes it simple to retrieve your documents no matter where you are and on any device. And because they sync with all your devices, you can access your files even when you’re offline. It’s like dropbox but centrally managed and with better security.

How does it work?

OneDrive is part of Office 365 so it seemlessly integrates with many of the other tools you’re already using. Securely share files with customers or colleagues. You can set who can see and edit each file (which is a vital part of cloud security). OneDrive also has version control so everyone is sure to be working off the most recent version of a document.

Additionally OneDrive is always up to date with:

  • Cross-Platform Syncing
  • Mobile Apps
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Powerful Auditing and Reporting
  • Improved File Management
What it pairs with:

DocuSign Ink: Simple an secure way to electronically sign documents and collect signatures. No more hassles getting documents signed and eliminates the cost, lack of security, faxing, scanning, and overnighting of documents.

Ideament: Sketch designs, workflows, or diagrams and save them to your OneDrive.

iAnnotate PDF: Annotate, markup, draw on any PDF, Word, PowerPoint, and image files on your iPad. Import files from OneDrive and you’re ready to go. Use the pencil, highlighter, underline, note, and stamp tools to explain exactly what you mean.

Plus lots more!