Computer Consultant

The team H&D Technologies is more than just computer consultants. We’re an IT consulting firm that comes to the aid of businesses of all types through managed services. We help you control the cost of technological support, such as not having to add additional IT employees unexpectedly during peaks in the business cycle. We can also augment the capabilities of your internal technology staff. Pricing is set depending on the level of IT support required and usually takes the form of a flat rate support agreement, project-based fee or an hourly rate.

A Specialist in Levels of Support

Businesses in their infancy as well as established businesses can increase their efficiency through the better use of technology. This requires careful examination of the way you do business and critically evaluating which approaches are good for business and which approaches must be fixed or replaced. Your company always needs to have adequate IT systems and applications in place and appropriate levels of training for employees who use these tools. H&D Tech offers different levels of computer consultant support to supplement your existing IT staff. For some companies, this is a 3-tier support that gives your lower-level employees assistance in how to handle technical problems. It gives middle and upper levels of management and/or HR access to technical staffing advice, such as what kind of talent to hire for maximum use of IT systems.

A Provider of Managed Services

H&D Tech welcomes the opportunity to serve as your ongoing sounding board for IT issues and other kinds of support you may require in the course of doing business. We have over 20 years of experience and can devote more of our IT manpower to special projects and to alleviate the effects of temporary technology failures. Our consistent focus is on helping your company maintain a high level of service to all customer groups. We also specialized in IT project management, server virtualization, IT professional services, and IT best practices.

More than just a Computer Consultant

We specialize in solving problems. Recently, your company may have identified some weaknesses in the way you do business. You may have embarked on a course to redesign business processes, upgrade old IT systems, reduce costs through server virtualization, or get advice on how to integrate technology into smarter management of employee tasks. Wherever you need IT advice, we have the ability to consult at every stage. Simply define the scope of your project, including a proposed timeline and budget, and bring it to us today. We look forward to becoming your chosen IT partner.