Remote IT Support and Monitoring

H&D Technologies is your remote help desk & monitoring secret weapon!

Help desk remote IT support

The beauty of this solution is that through our remote IT support software our technicians are able to see what you see on your desktop to resolve your current problems without delay. This is the standard in the industry, but our technicians are the best at providing this service because they are backed by a knowledge base of over 20 years of combined experience.

Remote monitoring

Are you looking for a smooth operating computer network? Are you tired of encountering problems on a daily or weekly basis? Our preventive, systematic remote IT monitoring solution can provide you with consistency and maximum uptime. We do not wait until a problem occurs to take action. We offer proactive support for your complete network. Our monitoring tools capture an up-to-the-moment snapshot of your company’s computer network. Any urgent alerts are immediately addressed to prevent any future problem. H&D’s processes detail the network environment to make sure all components run efficiently at all times. Listed below are some of the benefits of having remote IT services:

  • Patch management
  • Anti-spyware management
  • Spam management
  • Desktop optimization
  • Documentation of systems
  • Remote backup
  • Budgeting – replace oldest hardware first
  • Asset management
Secure Live Remote Access And Speedy Problem Resolution

H&D Technologies delivers fast and secure remote IT access and remote IT management services for computer systems. Immediate and reliable connections, even with high latency networks, allow H&D to quickly assess your IT system and resolve any problems before they get out of hand. We can conduct private remote sessions that do not disturb employee workflow and that allow administrators to continue working on workstations and servers without any distraction by the work being done.

IT problem resolution from HD Technologies can resolve serious issues quickly and efficiently while showing the user how to solve the problem themselves if the problem arises again the future. This makes your employees more efficient because they can fix the problem quickly and get back to work.All actions are performed as though the technician were physically present at the computer station.

Additional Benefits Of Remote IT

Outsourcing IT management, especially in small and midsize companies, can cost less than adding full time IT staff to your payroll. With remote IT management, you don’t even have to pay travel time for an outside technician to come to your place of business. Instead, the IT management company accesses your computer from a remote location, resolves issues, monitors the system and makes sure that everything is operating smoothly. Remote IT support allows technicians to be especially effective because they can access multiple monitors at the same time instead of having access to only one monitor at the company.

Additionally, an IT management company can provide the most qualified technician for the job. This makes problem-solving easier and faster than it would be if just one technician employed by the company was trying to solve these problem alone. With H&D Technologies’ remote IT support, you can have all the help you need whenever and however you need it.